Project Description



Marketing Clínica Dental

¡Smile at Spring! Goaldental Clinics

Carry out a marketing campaign for Goaldental dental clinics.

Campaign of display ads on mobile phones, tablet and PC, with geographical radio reinforcement at <2 km from the clinics. It also seeks to generate notoriety and branding to strengthen the change corporate identity.

The first point has been the coordination with the consulting firm Excelencia Comercial and the brand activation agency Próxima mente, in the development of an annual marketing plan, which integrates the goaldental Clinics spring campaign
Clínicas Goaldental.

The second step was the creation of the campaign concept: “Smile to Spring”, which in addition to being the central axis of the campaign and linking it to the action call of the texts in digital banners and flyers, accompanied the publications made on social networks on the part of the internal department of marketing of the client as well as the posters of the clinics. The objective was to provide the campaign with a claim according to the services to be commercialized: Quality dental whitening.

The third point was the development of a briefing for the development of the graphic material of the visual campaigns, as well as the identification of the target audience: age, location, interests and competitors.

And its segmentation linked to geolocation and weighting of advertising budget to each target. Coordinating all these actions with the marketing agency Proxima, in charge of carrying out the offline marketing: Buzoneo, signage, etc. and with Commercial Excellence, in charge of team training to optimize sales, customer service, etc.

The last point was the development of the landing pages (webs) to channel the marketing campaign based on the dental clinic closest to the user and define the KPIs of both the digital marketing campaign and the offline marketing campaign.

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1,4 Million impressions per target audience in radio close to dental clinics. Realization of 2 sub-campaigns reaching the indicated geographical areas and under specific target with obtaining optimal CTR. Reinforcement for Social Networks and coordination with offline marketing actions.

This dental clinical marketing campaign has been the last step in the transformation process carried out by the consultancy Excelencia Comercial, having developed a new corporate image, a new brand positioning for the clinics and a proposal to improve the strategy in social networks and offline marketing with a clear link to objectives. Development of webs – landing pages to channel the traffic of advertising campaigns. Development of creatives and proposal of offline marketing with flyers – buzoneo to reinforce the campaign.

To date, active dental clinical marketing campaign, aiming 3 Million impressions. The goaldental dental clinic has integrated in all its clinics the campaign concept developed by Voro Marketing: “Smile at Spring” for 3 months until the implementation of the new summer campaign.